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How to learn by watching movies

If you find it boring to learn Norwegian from a textbook, the best solution is to learn a foreign language by watching films. Here are a few reasons why learning Norwegian from movies is really effective:

norwegian by watching movies

 1. We learn everyday phrases instead of learning textbook language

The textbook language is often far from the everyday language. In Norwegian lessons we learn the correct language, but in dealing with living people we rarely hear it. On the other hand, the Norwegian language we hear in movies is very natural and similar to the way we talk and slang of the Norwegians themselves.

 2. The new words are combined with the context

While learning foreign languages we traditionally learn them by heart. This is not effective, because the words we learn in this way are taken out of context, are not associated with anything, so we can’t remember them for a long time. We remember the meanings of new words, but we do not know how these words are used. If you like criminal films, after watching ten or twenty such films you will learn words related to crime or the work of a detective.

 3. We hear the pronunciation of words or phrases

Of course, only 30% of the information is provided in words. The remaining 70% is how we say these words – facial expressions, tone of voice. After all, equally written words can be read in completely different ways.

Okay, now that you are interested in watching Norwegian movies, we can get you going with these tips:
  • Select an interesting movie.

It’s obvious, if you choose a boring film, you’ll start to get bored, you’ll hardly be able to concentrate and you’re unlikely to be able to learn anything. In order to choose a really good film, you can check its ranking in the international IMDB film database or on the web portal “Rotten Tomatoes”.

  • Choose a film that suits your level of language skills.

At the beginning of your foreign language learning we recommend watching animated films. On Norwegian television, animated films for children are dubbed in Norwegian. They are usually nice and easy to understand. These videos use a simple language and the pronunciation is more clear. You will make the task even easier if you choose the videos you have already watched and know their story.

  • Watch films with subtitles and use the dictionary.

When you hear a new word that interests you, it is necessary to find its meaning in the dictionary. If you make an effort to clarify the meaning of a word, you will remember it for longer.

  • Repeat the short phrases.

While watching Norwegian films, you can hear short phrases used every day. They are used very often and thanks to them the conversation seems to be more lively.

  • Watch the film for the second time.

If you have the opportunity to watch the same Norwegian film again, the second time hide the subtitles and try to understand the meaning of previously heard dialogues and stories.

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