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How to say ‘Thank you’ in Norwegian

Thank you in Norwegian (takk) is one of the first words you learn when you start your Norwegian course. Norwegians are a fairly direct nation and do not abuse polite expressions, except for expressing gratitude. Let’s see in what situations we can thank and for what.

thank you in norwegian

Simply thank you.

I will start by listing the different types of ordinary thanks. The easiest thing to say is simply takk (thank you). Very often one hears tusen takka thousand times thanks. You can also use mange takk or takk skal du ha (both mean thank you a lot), as well as a combination of the last two: mange takk skal du ha (thank you very much :). Sometimes you also say takker or takker så mye – thank you so much. A sincere thank you in Norwegian: hjertelig takk.

What does the Norwegian thank you for?

Takk for maten – You don’t say enjoy your meal in Norway, but we must say Takk for maten (Thank you for the food) at the end of the meal. Not saying so can be considered rude. We do not use this phrase in restaurants.

Takk for i dag – At the end of the working day instead of Goodbye you often say Takk for i dag – thank you for today. There is also an evening version, Takk for i kveld – thank you for this evening.

Takk for sist – With this phrase we welcome a person we haven’t seen for a long time, and the last meeting with her we remember nicely, this phrase can be translated: Thank you for the last meeting. If we used this phrase, we no longer need to say Hei!

Takk for i går – This is how we welcome the person we met yesterday, but only if the meeting was somehow unique, for example it was a go out to a restaurant.

Takk for meg / Takk for oss – This way we say goodbye to the hosts who invited us home, it can be translated as Thank you for the invitation.

Takk for alt – on some Norwegian tombstones there is an inscription: Takk for alt… In this way, the family of the deceased would like to thank him for everything. These words also appear on the funeral ribbons.

Takk for hjelpen or Takk for det – When someone showed us the way or helped in another matter, we thank him with the words Takk for hjelpen (thank you for your help) or Takk for det (thank you for that).

Takk i like måte or Takk det samme – means: thank you, mutually. In this way we answer when someone wished us a nice weekend (god helg), Merry Christmas (god jul) or a successful journey (god tur).

På forhånd takk – Thank you in advance.

Ja, takk / Nei, takk – When someone offers us e.g. coffee, we answer ja, takk (yes, please) if we feel like it or nei, takk (no, thank you) if we do not wish it.

Related phrases

  • å takke – to thank
  • en takk – a thank you
  • takket være deg…. – thanks to you….
  • en takknemlighet – a gratitude
  • takknemlig – grateful
  • utakknemlig – ungrateful
  • et takkekort – a thank you card, in Norway it is popular to send thank you cards, e.g. for wedding, birthday or baptismal gifts.
And finally – when you know how to say thank you in Norwegian – thank you for your attention, that is:
Takk for oppmerksomheten!

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