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Loppemarked – savings in Norway

It is true that Norway is expensive. However, in order to dress cheaply and fashionably, furnish your apartment or kitchen, you do not have to rush to brand shops.

Norwegians regularly organize loppemarked, or flea markets. Loppemarked is a very interesting social initiative of Norwegians, promoting attitude: “Instead of throwing away things you don’t need, give them to someone who might need them.

Loppemarked norwegian tradition
Flea markets are co-organized by teachers, parents and school students, and all income from the flea markets is allocated to the needs of the school. Most often the school orchestra or sports club is supported.
Loppemarked effectively fight against the stereotype of expensive Norway. If you do not want to overpay, it is enough that you find yourself in the right place at the right time, which is one of the many flea markets organized every weekend.
Civil society in Norway

The organization of loppemarked is always well prepared. At every flea market school, selected parents collect and store donated items all year round. They also set affordable prices and sell on the day of the market. Flea markets usually take place on weekends. Each school organizes one or two a year and turns into a great market of diversity for this time. There is a different department in each classroom, clothes hangers in the corridors and furniture on the school playground.

Fun and economy

You can buy literally anything at a priceless price on a loppemarked. The assortment includes clothes, shoes and accessories, furniture, household appliances, sports and computer equipment, kitchen equipment, books and even… LCD TVs and many other treasures!

What is important, these are used things, but mostly in a very good condition. It’s worth going and exploring, especially since there’s usually a nice atmosphere of cooperation between the local community.

From shopping you won’t come back hungry dear reader, because at loppemarked there’s no shortage of delicacies. Parents bring home baked cakes, biscuits and biscuits with coffee and other beverages, which are popular among Norwegians and can be bought in specially arranged cafes.

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