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NORSKPRØVE – How to pass it?

At every Norwegian course sooner or later there is a question about official Norwegian exams. The first exam worth taking in Norway is Norskprøve. Below I have gathered the most important and up-to-date information about Norskprøve for you.


Currently, the exam is conducted locally by Vox, the national expert body for competence development policy. Further information about Norskprøve in Norwegian and English can be found on this page.

Please note the changes!

There have been changes in the way Norskprøve is conducted since May 2014. The most important change is that the written part is submitted electronically, on a computer. The changes also apply to names and levels. In the old system, it was possible to pass Norskprøve 1 for level A1, Norskprøve 2 for level A2 and Norskprøve 3 for level B1.

Now we are simply passing Norskprøve and choosing what range of levels we will pass.


Norskprøve tests your Norwegian at levels A1 to B1 (from December 2015 you will also be able to choose B2). When enrolling for an exam, you will be asked if you want to pass at level A1-A2 or A2-B1. When choosing the appropriate level, you can use the so-called egenvurderingsskjemaer (self-assessment templates) available on the VOX website in the Prøven tab.

Description of the exam

Norskprøve consists of a written and oral examination. You can choose between the bokmål or Nynorsk version. The written examination is digital and is divided into smaller units:

– listening comprehension (30 min.)

– written text comprehension (75 min.)

– written work (A1-A2 60 min., A2-B1 90 min.)

The oral examination is divided into conversation and individual parts and lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. There are two examiners present in the room, one of whom moderates the conversation and the other assesses it.


We register on through the PAD system. After registering at the latest 2 weeks before the exam, the candidate receives a letter with information about the date (day and time) and place of the exam. For example, in Oslo the course takes place in three places: Oslo VO Helsfyr, Oslo VO Rosenhof og Oslo VO Skullerud.

NOTE: Registration for the course (even without paying a fee) is binding and if we do not take the exam on a given date, we will still have to pay for it.


The examination takes place twice a year (e.g. in 2015 from 26 May to 5 June and from 30 November to 10 December).


Each municipality in Norway sets its price for the Norskprøve exam. The prices are around NOK 1,000 for both parts, e.g. NOK 600 for an oral exam and NOK 600 for a written exam.

Preparation for the examination

On our website we add support materials to help you prepare for this exam, as well as sample exercises in Norskprøve for listening comprehension, written text comprehension, sample topics for written papers, and topics for oral exams.

I would definitely recommend that you go through these sample exercises!

Results and certificate

The individual parts of the examination are graded in levels, e.g: “Below A1”, “A1”, “A2” and “B1”. The certificate with the results is sent by post within 6 weeks of the date of passing the exam.

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