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Norwegian Conversation- Short but always helpful words

It doesn’t matter how much time you spent learning grammar or how perfect your pronunciation is… if you don’t know how to pronounce correctly yhm. Why should your conversation partner continue if you are not showing any interest?

Here are a few words to help you maintain the conversation smoothly:

Ja, jo, nei

Yes and no. Both ja and jo mean ‘yes’. We use jo to answer questions with a negative answer (“Is she unpleasant?”)

Ja da, jo da, nei da

Those words are emotionally stronger: “Yes, of course” or “Of course not”. In the east of Norway they often say jo’a instead of jo da.

Greit, ok

Both mean “okay.” Sometimes we pronounce ok in “american way”, but usually it just sounds like letters o-k.

M(-m) (“yhm”)

You have to be careful with that word! Depending on how it is pronounced, it may or may not mean both yes and no. The only way to learn this is to listen to the Norwegian conversations….

Huff, uff da, nei og nei nei, stakkars deg! (“poor thing”)

They are used to show compassion when our interlocutor is not doing well in something.

Akkurat, akkurat ja, skjønner (“I understand”)

These are a few words with which we can show the other person that we understand him or her.

Oi, sier du det, spennende, herregud.

These are the words we use when we want to express admiration and surprise.


It’s the equivalent of “cool!” in English.


It can be used in different situations when we disagree with something.


expresses hesitation.

Fy faen!

It’s a curse, but it’s very suitable for situations where you’re very outraged.

And now a brief dialogue:

– Det er første gang jeg er i Norge! Det er veldig spennende! – This is my first time in Norway! How wonderful!

– Mm.

I går var vi oppe på Preikestolen! – Yesterday we were on Preikestolen!

– Oi!

– Vi hadde tatt med oss kikkert og kamera. Kari er veldig glad i å fotografere. – We have taken the binoculars and the camera. Kari likes to take pictures.

– Akkurat.

– På vei neded mistet hun kameraet i bakken, og alle bildene ble ødelagt! – On the way back she threw the camera on the ground and all the pictures were damaged!

– Uff da.

– Ja, ikke sant? Hun var veldig lei seg i flere dager. Men vet du hva? Nå har produsenten gitt oss et helt nytt kamera! – Yes, it is, isn’t it? For a few days she was unsettled…. But you know what? The manufacturer has now given us a brand new camera!


Jo da, et flunkende nytt kamera! Og det kan ta bilder i mørke! – Oh yes, a brand new camera! You can use it to take pictures even in the dark!


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