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Tips on learning a language in 3 words

The simpler the advice, the better. Every language learner sooner or later comes to this conclusion. The biggest art is to truly comprehend and put into practice what seems simple and obvious.

tips on learning language
Here is an abbreviation of motivating thoughts, about which we have already written a lot on the blog.

1. Learn creatively.

2. Set realistic goals.

3. Take small steps.

4. Ask for help.

5. Pursue your goal.

6. Mistakes also teach.

7. Don’t think – act.

8. Make good habits.

9. Learn every day.

10. Don’t go back.

11. Use different methods.

12. Read every day.

13. Find a language partner.

14. Repeat, repeat, repeat

15. 3 words per day.

16. Do not be distracted.

17. Start writing a diary.

18. See small successes.

19. Invest in yourself.

20. Look for new opportunities.

21. Organize your time well.

22. Overcome your weaknesses.

23. Systematicity is the basis.

24. Do not lose hope.

25. Everyone makes mistakes.

26. Have fun learning.

27. Surround yourself with language.

28. Act with passion.

29. Visualize your dreams.

30. Start today.

31. Believe in yourself!

If you have your own language advice, in the form of 3 words – leave them in the commentary. Some of them will be added to this list.

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