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Top 14 reasons why you should learn Norwegian!

The decision to choose a foreign language can be either spontaneous or profoundly considered. Those who have taken it impulsively, however, will not avoid later deliberations on this subject.
Why? Because learning a foreign language requires a great deal of motivation. You should know from the beginning why you want to master it and to what extent. Of course, you can change your plans over time. But motivation is the first step that gives you the strength to reach your goal. There can be many reasons to learn Norwegian and it doesn’t matter what they are. They should be important enough for you. Only then can learning be fun and amusing.

bergen by night learn norwegian

Is it a language for me?
Let’s be honest. If you assume that you have to learn Norwegian because someone offers you a higher salary, that’s not enough. First of all, if you assume that you need something, you will not be happy to do it. However, if you feel that you really want it, we can already talk about real motivation. Secondly, financial reasons may additionally motivate you, but they will not give you the joy of acquiring knowledge. And the point is that the way to your goal is a great adventure.
So you should like the Norwegian language and/or Norwegian culture. If you can already list a few fascinating things in this country, this is a plus for you.

Expand your curiosity!
If you are curious about Norwegian culture, like the way of life here, love for nature or want to meet interesting people, it will be much easier for you than for someone who just wants to prepare for the exam. It’s not about making sure you like everything. You can combine language learning with your hobbies, or focus on a few elements that fascinate you. By understanding the language they will become closer to you. Think about whether knowledge of Norwegian is what you really want.

Note that language learning in schools is ineffective precisely because of a lack of motivation. As a rule, no one arouses curiosity in students about their country. It does not show the benefits of knowing a foreign language. Children usually do not have the same self-awareness. That is why they focus on gaining an assessment and not on learning. But imagine a student who is fascinated by the country, its culture and its inhabitants. Could someone like that learn any language by attending only school classes? Yes, yes. If he or she voluntarily puts more effort into learning than required.

As an adult, you make a very conscious decision about the choice of a foreign language. This gives you a much better chance of success. And this is what I wish you very much.
I hope that reading these 14 points will help you to find your own answer to your question:

Why do I want to know Norwegian so much?

•  This is the easiest of the Scandinavian languages. Pronunciation is much easier than in Danish and grammar is much easier than in Swedish.
 If you know Norwegian, you will be able to speak Swedish fluently and be able to understand the Danish language.
 Even if you don’t understand the Dane, you won’t have the slightest problems with reading the Danish text. (Communication between Danes alone is a common subject of jokes in Norway, so don’t be surprised if you don’t understand them).
 Norwegian is no more difficult than German or Spanish. Pronunciation, which at first seems to be an impenetrable barrier, is in fact possible to master quickly.
 Grammar is not terrible. Many rules have been simplified and unified by the creation of the official language council (Norsk språkråd) in 1972.
 If you already know one foreign language, learning another will be much easier. If you speak German, you’ll see a lot of similarities between them.
 Knowledge of Norwegian opens up opportunities to get a better job in Norway. Everyone who lives here and speaks only English knows about it.
 Earnings in Norway are among the highest in the world. Oslo is one of the fastest growing European cities and is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world. By earning money here you will be able to afford to travel.
You will be able to read Norwegian literature in its original version: dramas by Henrik Ibsen (also available in modern versions), events by Asbjørnsen and Moe, novels by Knut Hamsun or Jostein Gaarder, crime stories by Gunnar Staalesen and many others.
 Henryk Ibsen’s performances are most often performed all over the world. You are not curious what is unusual about them? Watch them in the original in the National Theatret, Black Box Teater, Det Norske Teatret or Folketeateret.
Why is it worth learning Norwegian?
 Do you like art? While in Norway you will see with your own eyes many sunsets resembling the one in Edward Munch’s Scream. Works by the creator of Expressionism and one of the most expensive paintings in the world, you will see in Munch Museet and Nasjonalgalleriet.
 You’ll have access to the latest architectural or design materials that Scandinavia is famous for. You can get to know one of the most famous architectural offices in the world, named after one of the Norwegian peaks – Snøhetta.
 Norway is great for travelers who value unique nature – beautiful mountains, clear waters, fjords and forests. Knowledge of the language will enrich the knowledge of the country’s heritage and the openness of its inhabitants.
 Norway is considered to be one of the best countries to live in. For several years in a row, according to UN research, Norway’s social development rate is the highest in the world.

After all, everyone would like to have a unique skill that distinguishes them from others. Become one of those who will make their dreams come true. We can help you in this. If only you want to.
What are your reasons for learning Norwegian? Write in the commentary.

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